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Any equine enthusiast knows that horses are beautiful, strong and majestic animals which require commitment and hard work to keep happy and healthy. The long list of chores involved in owning a horse include mucking out, riding, training, brushing, feeding and making sure the horse and rider are properly insured and protected.

If you own a horse, it is extremely important that you make sure that you, your horse and your equipment are properly protected in case you face any unexpected issues.


  • Cover for Horses from 31 days to over 15 years old.
  • Cover in case your horse dies, is stolen or strays, and for loss of use if your horse becomes ill through sickness or injury.
  • Up to £1.25 million personal liability cover in case your horse causes damage to a third party.
  • Up to £12,500 cover against personal accident for the rider.
  • Up to £1,250 to cover dental treatment for the rider following an accident.
  • Up to £1,250 to protect against fire in your stables.
  • Up to £5,750 to cover vets fees.
  • Up to £1,750 to cover saddlery and tack.
  • Up to £1,250 to hire a horse if yours is stolen and not recovered in 28 days.
  • Up to £625 to cover loss of entry fees if your horse dies, or if you are hospitalised.

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