Irrespective of age, the majority of people living in the UK have some type of gadget. With the advance in technology, as well as the soaring costs to buy the latest piece of tech, Insurancefair has created a gadget insurance policy that covers all gadgets, and suits all pockets.

Making calls is no longer the primary function of a mobile phone. Instead these gadgets are more frequently used to access the internet, read the latest novels, play games and take photos.

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Insurance for gadgets with Insurancefair

With so many different types of gadgets and gizmos available, it can sometimes be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. Once you have made that choice, and parted with your hard earned cash, our insurance is available to protect them. Here is a list of what we cover:

  • Mobile and Smart Phones
  • Tablets and e-readers
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Smartwatches

If you have more than one gadget either just for you, or for the whole family, Insurancefair has a multi gadget policy that might benefit you:

  • Insure up to 10 gadgets under 1 policy

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Gadget Insurance
Multi Gadget Insurance


Why choose Insurancefair for your gadget insurance?

Whether you use one device for all purposes, or like to have a gadget for each activity, Insurancefair’s gadget insurance provides protection against theft, loss and damage.

Our policies start from as little as £36 a year and include all of the following:

  • Accidental Damage to your gadget caused by fire or liquid that was not deliberate.
  • Theft Cover if somebody takes your phone with the intention of permanently depriving you of it.
  • Unauthorised Call/Data Usage if your phone is lost or stolen and is used without your permission, we will cover the costs up to £10,000 in any one claim

Our policies are competitively priced and are available to suit one and all but there are some criteria that we will need you to meet in order for us to provide cover:

Benefits of our gadget insurance

Our ethos is to ensure fairness, transparency and consistency. Insurancfair’s gadget insurance policies have been created to ensure that you are covered for what you need. Our policy terms and conditions are transparent and are easily accessible whenever you need to see them. Our promise is to ensure that any product you buy from Insurancefair adheres to the same, consistent standards.

*£36 is the monthly price for a gadget valued up to £250 inclusive of loss