Baby bear entertains on golf course

A bear cub has been spotted playing on a golf course in British Colombia, Canada, seemingly ruining players approach shots as it played around on the green.

Andi Dzilums and his friends were playing a round of golf at the Fairmont Hot Springs’ golf course in the country when they spotted a baby bear cub on the green, before it started playing with the flag.

As Andi and his friends approached the green, the bear started to ‘dance’ and play around with the red flag, scratching its back and giving the group of golfers an impromptu pole dance.

Luckily, Andi managed to capture everything on his camera phone and is heard saying in the background, “This is the greatest thing in the world – you are hilarious buddy!” Other members of the group are heard laughing and commenting that it ‘looks like something from a circus’.

At one point in the video, the cub manages to pin down the red flag, but when he lets it go, the flag just pops straight back up, leaving the bear looking at the top of the flag in bemusement.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing to see this amazing baby bear playing like all kids do!” said Mr Dzilums.

If that wasn’t enough, once the bear had finished playing with the pole, the cheeky cub managed to grab a golf ball and ran back into the woods behind. Andi’s friends can be heard saying, “That’s Pascal’s ball gone. Look at that. There goes your ball.”

The video which was uploaded a week ago, has already gone viral with more than 690,000 views.

The black bear is not always a ferocious creature that people should fear. Whilst reports in the media suggest that humans should be threatened by black bears, behaviour like this so close to humans and their territory proves that black bears also have softer, gentler side.

In Canada, black bears are widespread – the dense forest areas provide many bears with an ideal habitat to live, rest, hunt and produce offspring in peace, although they are often hunted by locals to keep the population down, to get rid of nuisances and for their meat and skin.

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