Man filming at a music festival


Glastonbury is well underway as many festival goers are braving the rain and setting up camp to watch the wide variety of music being showcased.

A recent study from found that 73% of 18 to 24 year olds do not feel the need to buy insurance with over half of these being reluctant to pay the premiums. With the average cost of a smart phone being estimated at £259, it begs the question, ‘how would you manage the alternative?’ or ‘could you afford to buy a new one?’

Of those who have elected to protect their gadgets there are a small number who have purchased a policy that is fit for purpose. Many felt that they were covered under their home insurance policy. In an article published by The Money Pages, Gemma Sonfield, head of home insurance at spoke of the importance of checking the cover limitations by saying:

‘Bear in mind that, even if you have some form of insurance, whilst you may be covered by tarpaulin after a heavy day of merrymaking, you may not be covered by your insurer in the event of a theft from your tent. Make sure that you check your home insurance policy, to ensure that you’re covered for contents outside the home’.

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