GoPro launch brand new high-tech cameras

A few years ago, after the release of the popular BBC shockumentary, ‘War on Britain’s Roads’ the action camera – specifically, the GoPro – saw a huge increase in cyclists in particular investing in these handy little gadgets.

Having a helmet camera can give any cyclist the ability to film his experiences on the bike, whether they’re cycling for leisure or as a mere form of transport. Their simplicity and ease of use mean that you can simply strap on your cam and get cycling.

If you usually drive in heavy traffic where poor driving is common, or even if you’re just visiting a new place like the south of France and you want to be able to capture your journey, an action camera like the Go Pro is ideal.

Now, GoPro have released a new series of high-tech cameras suitable for cyclists – and fans of other sports – to use to capture their experience. The HERO4 series has been hotly anticipated after the hugely successful release of HERO3 and HERO3+.

So what does this camera offer cyclists that other ones might not?

Well, the HERO4 Black edition boasts that it is ‘the most advanced GoPro camera ever’, with a processor twice as powerful as the HERO3+ and a 4K video which manages to capture film at 30 frames per second – twice as many as previous models of GoPro cameras.

The camera is also completely waterproof – ideal for those who also enjoy capturing their surfing, diving and swimming experiences.

There’s even built in WiFi connectivity so that you can upload your adventure almost as soon as it happens – this is particularly important if you’ve witnessed an accident and need to upload it to websites such as PoliceWitness, where crimes can be recorded and reported within minutes.

Both the new HERO4 Black and the HERO4 Silver (a lesser, cheaper version of the Black, but still better than the HERO3+) have new after-dark capabilities, allowing cyclists to capture their rides with clarity even after the sun sets.

GoPro have also announced the release of the new HERO camera, an entry level GoPro ideal for those new to the action camera market. This camera is also more affordable – whereas the HERO4 retails at around £369.99, this little number’s RRP is a cheaper £99.99.

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