Fishing Insurance

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, what better way to relax and unwind then concentrating on the slow ripple of cool water as you wait for a bite.

Although fishing may seem like a relatively calm and danger free activity, it does come with its own set of risks and dangers which could leave you severely out of pocket. For example, what if you slipped in the water and really injured yourself? Or what if your vital equipment was stolen or damaged beyond repair?

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Benefits of fishing insurance with Insurancefair

  • Cover for your fishing equipment in case of theft, damage or loss
  • Up to £10,000 personal accident cover
  • Up to £400 in the event of your temporary disablement following a fishing accident
  • Up to £1.25 million public liability cover
  • Up to £500 to re-imburse any pre-paid club fees or match fees if you are physically unable to participate
  • optional externsions available to cover night fishing


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Insurancefair fishing insurance cover options
Section of cover
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Personal Liability (£100 PW*)
  • Reimbursement of club fees
  • Reimbursement of match fees
  • Personal Accident
  • Public Liability
  • Night Fishing (Optional)
  • 100% of the chosen SI*
  • £400
  • £500
  • £500
  • £10,000 per incident
  • £1.25m per incident
  • Additional £5 per month
  • 100% of the chosen SI*
  • £300 (£75 limit per week)
  • £350
  • £350
  • £7,500 per incident
  • £1m per incident
  • Additional £50 per year
  • £55
  • £55
  • £55
  • £55
  • £55
  • £160
  • £55
**Monthly price runs for, and premiums are collected on, equal periods of 28 days. ** Worldwide claims excess: £70 ** Unattended vehicle claims excess: £109 *SI = Sum Insured *PW = Per Week
Why choose Insurancefair for your fishing insurance?

At Insurancefair we work hard to ensure that we are fair, transparent and consistent and that the products and service we provide fits with our ethos.

We have teamed up with E&L who have over 70 years’ experience providing specialist cover for leisure activities. Our combined expertise in product and customer service innovation is a combination that results in a quality insurance offering that’s suitable to any fishing enthusiast.


We understand that everyone has questions, we would too. Here are our most frequently asked questions about insuring your fishing equipment:

Isn’t my fishing equipment covered under my home insurance policy?

No necessarily, no. You would need to speak with your home insurance provider to find out if your fishing equipment is included. Often times, you will need to specify the equipment on the policy which usually incurs an additional charge.

Do I need to let you know if I add more items to my equipment?

Yes. Please make sure that you keep the receipts of any new equipment as we will need proof of purchase in the event of a claim. The insurance premium is based on the total cost of your fishing equipment so you will need to make sure any additions are notified to us immediately.

Whilst all of our policies provide cover abroad, please ensure that you read our policy wording carefully for geographical and policy restrictions.

Am I covered if I accidentally hurt someone or damage property?

Your policy is inclusive of up to £1.25 million personal liability cover to protect you in these circumstances. Check out our policy wording to get the full details of the section of cover.

Am I covered if my fishing equipment is stolen whilst it is in my vehicle?

Providing that the vehicle is locked and the equipment is hidden from view in the car boot or luggage department. You will need to obtain a crime reference number so please ensure you report the incident as soon as possible.