Static Caravan Insurance

Around the UK many people spend their holidays and weekends not abroad in holiday homes or hotels, but rather relaxing in their caravan. Caravanning has been a popular holiday past time for decades in Britain, and many still find this the perfect way to spend their time off. Why spend hours at the airport to visit a holiday home abroad once a year, when instead you could drive to your caravan whenever you like to find your own little piece of paradise within a few hours.

However, although a caravan presents certain freedoms and benefits as opposed to a house or flat, it is just as important to properly insure your caravan, as you would with any bricks and mortar property.

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Why choose Insurancefair for your static caravan insurance?

For anyone who owns a static caravan, we have the perfect insurance policy for you, which will protect you against common household issues, as well as specialist cover including cover if you need to seek alternative accommodation.

Benefits of our cover include:


  • Cover against the accidental loss or damage of the caravan, accessories and contents.
  • New for old cover – if your caravan is stolen or destroyed within five years of new, we will provide a replacement.
  • Cover if you need to seek alternative accommodation.
  • Benefits for the cost of disconnecting and removing your caravan, and re-connecting and returning it, if it becomes uninhabitable.
  • Protection against accidental loss of keys and damage to locks
  • Cover for freezer food if it is ruined by a rise or fall in the freezer’s temperature.
  • Personal accident cover


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