Play like a President

With the current President of the United States often pictured on the golf course, and the recent news that the former POTUS Barak Obama has chosen the course he will become a member of, it is fair to say that the sport is very popular amongst those who call the White House their home.

According to CNN, Barak has chosen Robert Trent Golf Club in Gainsville, Virginia and who could blame him? Although the private members club is said to have set him back appx £15,000 for the annual membership, the views and the climate are sure to ensure the expenditure is worth it.


Gainsville, VA temperatures are forecasted to reach up to 52 degrees in the summer months and so the former president of the United States is likely to enjoy the picturesque views whilst welcoming the subtle breeze coming in from the coast.
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One benefit in particular that you may find interesting is the recovery of membership fees should you be unable to play as a result of accident or illness. Whilst most will not spend £15,000 on their annual membership, the expense is still a significant one.
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Happy Golfing!

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