There’s now an app for your pets

When a house of veterinary students and their menagerie of pets found that they were unintentionally over-caring for their pets (three cats, two red-footed tortoises and a bearded dragon) they commissioned two software engineers to develop and app which could track and coordinate pet care.

The crafty animals – in particular, one orange tabby – would find ways to weasel several meals out of the student veterinarians whilst they worked different shifts.

The app, known as PetSync, allows pet owners to coordinate meals, track veterinary care and each animal’s routine for the house full of caretakers. The app is a handy organisational tool now available for any pet or animal owner who needs routine care instructions as well as handy emergency medical information.

Sri-Jayantha, one of the students responsible for the commissioning of the app, says, “Pet obesity is a people problem. Animals aren’t providing themselves with too much food, but if a Labrador ends up with a tonne of food in its bowl, it’s going to eat it all without stopping to think about how it’s going to look in a bathing suit.”

The app doesn’t only solve the universal problem of people caring for their pets, but it is one of eight finalists in the Veterinary Innovation Challenge, a global competition for entrepreneur veterinary students.

PetSync allows each group of people (families, housemates etc) to share an account. Each account can then manage one or more pets. One opening the app, you can add pets, and upon selecting their name from the menu you can see what time they need to be fed, walked and times of other essential aspects of their daily care routine. The timers glow red when they’ve exceeded their critical times, allowing the users to see what requires their immediate attention.

The app is free, and available on all Apple devices once downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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