Home Emergency

We all dread an unexpected situation occurring at home. Be it a burst pipe or a boiler breakdown, home emergency insurance will get a fully qualified tradesman out to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

An emergency can happen at any time of the day, on any day of the year. Whether your roof needs repairing following a storm, or your electrics go just as you are putting the turkey in the oven on Christmas day, our repairmen are on hand to get you back to normal.

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What does a home emergency policy cover?

It does what it says on the tin!

Home emergency insurance protects your home in an emergency situation. Common occurrences include:

  • Failure of emergency supply
  • Damage to your roof
  • Burst or sudden leak of your pipes
  • Heating system failure
  • Damage to locks and windows
  • Infestation of pests
  • Optional boiler service

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How much is home emergency insurance?

The cost of home emergency cover varies based on the amount of cover and the provider. Below is a comparison we have put together for you:

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  • £17.48
  • £99 Excess
  • Unlimited call outs
  • Roof cover excluded
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  • £17
  • £0 Excess
  • Unlimited call outs
  • Roof cover excluded
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***Prices as at 24/072017


Is there a limit per claim?

Yes. There is a maximum cover per claim of £500 and a maximum of 5 claims per policy year.

What is the difference between home emergency cover and home insurance?

Home emergency cover is designed to assist in an emergency situation to repair any damage. The purpose of home insurance is to make good the damage to restore your home to the state it was in prior to the emergency occurring. 

When will my policy be active?

Your cover will be in place as soon as we receive payment however, you will be unable to claim for the first 14 days.

Will I need to make the payments to the repairman directly?

We will make any payments as long as the cost is within the policy limits (maximum claim amount of £500).

What is the policy excess?

There are no policy excesses for your home emergency cover.