Know your gadget policy?

PARIS, FRANCE - SEP 12, 2017: Apple Computers website on Safari Browser showcasing latest Apple products - showcasing latest iPhone X 10 and its colorful desctop wallpaper

Gadget insurance is becoming more and more popular, unsurprising when you consider the price of phones and devices are reaching heady heights. Most devices in the UK are purchased on contract so it is easy to forget how much you are carrying around in your pocket or handbag. The new iPhone X comes in at a whopping £1,000.

Thinking about purchasing insurance is a step in the right direction, but what is the right type of cover to get?

There are many different types of gadget insurance available on the market and the fundamentals are largely the same; accidental damage cover, breakdown, loss and unauthorised data protection. However, there are some differences.


Cracked screen and wet smart phone dropped on flooding floor with water drop and reflection of tree shadow on screen after the rain, Copy space

Consider this – everybody knows that a smartphone and water do not mix. Most policies provide cover in the unfortunate circumstance you drop your phone down the toilet, but what if you spill orange juice on it? It’s still water damage right? 


Some policies are very specific about what constitutes water damage, and limit the cover to just that. So if you dropped it in to a pool or spill a glass of water on it, you would be covered however, if you dropped in in a pint of beer, or spilt orange juice on it, you wouldn’t. 

It is therefore essential to make sure you take the time to read the policy details for gadget, and indeed any type of insurance, carefully before making the decision to purchase.

You can read our policy wording here.


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Insurancefair’s New and Improved Gadget Insurance

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Gadget Insurance

Insurancefair is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved gadget insurance product.

Including mobile phone, single and multi -gadget options, we are sure that we have the right cover to suit you. All of our policies have loss cover included as standard so you can be sure that your gadgets are protected against any eventualities.

Why Insurancefair?

Our motto is ‘ensuring fairness, transparency and consistency’. We truly believe that our gadget insurance suits the requirements and needs of our customers. We are happy to point out that we are not the cheapest gadget insurance provider, but to counter that, should you choose to insure with us, we will provide you with a comprehensive policy at a fair price.

Some things to consider when purchasing gadget insurance:

  • Headline prices often exclude loss cover which is then offered as an extra and requires an additional charge
  • E-wallet cover – if you have Apple or Android pay, make sure you protect yourself as a result of theft
  • Liquid damage – quite different from water damage!
  • Excesses – how does it compare to the cost of your gadget?

At Insurancefair we include all these benefits as standard and our excesses are proportionate to the cost of the device.

To find out more about what we offer and to get a no obligation quotation, click here.


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So You Are Thinking Of Getting In To Golf?


Perhaps you aren’t sure where to start, or the idea of going straight onto the course seems a little daunting. Golf has a multitude of terms, rules and shots to learn, not to mention there is literally a bag full of different clubs to figure out. Hopefully with the information here, you’ll be one step closer to owning your own set of clubs, fully covered with a golf insurance policy from Insurancefair, and thrashing your friends on the course!

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Play like a President

With the current President of the United States often pictured on the golf course, and the recent news that the former POTUS Barak Obama has chosen the course he will become a member of, it is fair to say that the sport is very popular amongst those who call the White House their home.

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How far can you drive?



Controversy over gender equality often overshadows the love for the sport of golf. In our previous post, we looked in to the old adage ‘Gents Only, Ladies Forbidden’ and threw out some statistics.

Today we would like to draw your attention to a 96-year-old lady that has defied all stereotypes not only in gender and age, but also fitness and faculties.

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man teaching a woman how to play golf

As the controversy continues surrounding the destination for the 2020 Olympics we ask why, in this day and age, are there still gender specific member only clubs?

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Ding Dong the Bells are Going to Chime

Wedding Insurance


Having got married myself last year, I am more than aware of how easily the costs can mount up.

As with most people, you have an initial budget in mind but then, after browsing the internet and attending wedding fayres, the budget falls by the wayside in favour of the ‘must have’ table decorations that cost more than the hire of the venue.

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Man filming at a music festival


Glastonbury is well underway as many festival goers are braving the rain and setting up camp to watch the wide variety of music being showcased.

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Calling All Commuters!


Gadget - Commuter

The commute to and from work can be a drag, especially if you have nothing to occupy the time. Read more…

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Pet expert reveals what to feed your pet

Just like humans, a healthy and balanced diet is essential for any pet you might be keeping. From hamsters and gerbils to Great Danes and horses, it’s important that your pet is getting the right amount of food and nutrition that they need, but with so many different people recommending different amounts, and with so many special diets available – how do we know what’s best? Read more…

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