DJ Equipment Insurance

Decks, mixers, computer and audio equipment. Whether you are a professional, or you enjoy mixing music as a hobby, DJ equipment can be very expensive.

As with any profession or hobby, transporting your equipment from one place to another can increase the chances of it getting damaged. At Insurancefair we understand that accidental damage, theft and loss can happen anywhere which is why our policies offer the option protection, even whilst in transit.

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Why choose Insurancefair for your DJ equipment insurance?

We have teamed up with our insurers to provide you with a competitively priced insurance product you protect both you and your equipment. Benefits include:

  • Equipment protection up to £20,000
  • Theft, loss and damage cover
  • New for old cover
  • Hire of replacement equipment
  • Personal accident
  • Liability cover


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Why do I need DJ equipment insurance?

Aside from protecting your equipment and accessories, DJ insurance also protects you. All policies include personal accident cover. This benefit provides you with a cash lump sum in the event of serious injury*.

Our products also include public liability insurance. This benefit protects you in the event that you cause damage or harm to third parties or third-party property*

Insurancefair’s DJ equipment insurance gives you the option to protect your equipment for up to 120 days worldwide. So, if your dj’ing takes you overseas, Insurancefair’s got you covered.

*Please read the policy wording for the full benefit details, terms and conditions.


Do I need to live in the UK to take out your insurance?

Yes, You must be a resident of the United Kingdom and over the age of 18 to take out dj equipment insurance with Insurancefair.

How do I make a claim?

You can register a claim by calling our claims team on: 03300 243 438 or e-mailing in to:

How do I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time.
If you cancel within the first 14 days, paid annually and have not made a claim you will be entitled to a full refund. After this a percentage will be refunded on a descending scale based on the amount of time on cover.
If you pay monthly you can cancel at any time but no refund is due.
To cancel, please call: 03300 243 360.