Gadget - Commuter

The commute to and from work can be a drag, especially if you have nothing to occupy the time.

Sitting on a packed out train I am reminded of the elective lonesome nature that is typical of the British commuter. Engrossed in a wide range of entertainment provided by a small number of devices, we are a community dependent on them to pass the time.

Whether it is a smart phone, tablet or laptop, everyone has one! Some opt for listening to music, some play games whilst others read but whatever you do to get through the journey, your device is your getaway from the alternative… looking out of the window or talking to strangers.

So what if the device was not available?

Accidents happen!

Most of us spend 80% of our leisure time using some form of gadget. A survey published in the Daily Mail found that 80% of Britons admitted using their smart phones to tweet whilst on the toilet.

Whether you accidentally drop your phone in the bathroom or lose it on the way to work it is important to ensure that you have some form of protection to either repair or replace it.

From as little as £3.49 per month you can insure your device against these eventualities so that you do not have to battle with the option of boredom or exchanging polite nothings to the couple sitting opposite you. And you won’t be out of pocket!

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